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Bhakphong is the creator and partner of B1 Films.


Bhakphong has 6 years of experience in Commercial director.


Before directing commercials, Bhakpong used to be a creative director in advertising agencies worldwide for 15 years, such as Ogilvy & Mather Thailand, Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand, LOWE Thailand, J Water Thomson Thailand for 15 years. Bhakpong received the Cannes award and also received many an award from the domestic stage.


Bhakphong has experience in creative thinking before Therefore the development of the board is still in the concept and Bhakpong has graduated in the arts Making it an important part of helping to create the unique work that is currently seen.


B1 Films was born from the idea that each brand has its own brand Tone of Voice. In terms of production, it should be built to be unique to that brand. Bhakpong, therefore, does not call himself Director but calls himself Visual Identity Director. Which will help develop your brand more than a general Production house.